Things to consider when hiring a Makeup Artist for your special day

Makeup artists do not just cover the weddings; rather they can help you look your best at any special event. There are several good and reliable Houston makeup artist that you can hire for your special day and get a number of people ready for some event. These artists would visit your home and stay there for the whole event and help you get ready to rejoice and look your best.

There are some very simple and minor things that need attention that can make you look even more beautiful and the photos for the special event would appear even better. Most of us, are not aware of these little things but a professional makeup artist is the one who knows exactly how to add detail to everything.

So for the upcoming special event, are you going to hire a makeup artist or would you visit a salon for getting your best look?

Whatever be the reason, here we have a guide to help you hire the best one in town. We hope you would find it very convincing.

  • Shop around

When you are at the departmental store for shopping the cosmetics, you would see that there are makeup artists there as well and many of them are offering freelance makeup in very low fees as well. you can try someone who looks good and if you are satisfied by their makeup skills, you can book an appointment with them for your special day. If you are not satisfied, then you can go on further and try someone else too. It is a common knowledge that the well-known makeup artists are more likely to provide a better makeup and for them you won’t have to get a test run.

  • Make everything clear about the appointment

Once you have found the right person for the job, next is your turn to book the appointment with that person and make sure that you have made all the things clear to him/her. Book the correct date and ask away as many questions as you like. For example, would the stylist be coming to your home alone or with someone else, would he be bringing his own brushes and cosmetics or you would have to provide your make up stuff? Would he be facilitating the hairstyle along with the makeup or would he charge for it separately? How much would he charge and what would be his measures for charging etc.? Visit

Make other necessary compliments as well after the try out make up. For example, you can tell her if you didn’t like the eye makeup or you could tell her if the blush on was too heavy for you, so that in the next appointment, she can make it better.

  • Get the timing scheduled right

Now make sure that you have booked the appointment for the time that is around 3 hours earlier to the event. This will let the makeup to settle properly and would save you from the hassle of last minute preparations.