4 Great Pakistani Dramas to Watch in the Autumn of 2014

Tum Mere Hi Rehna

This is perhaps the most sweltering pakistani dramas of 2014. It recounts the exemplary story of two youngsters who are infatuated and whose guardians object to their bond. The guardians will battle and posture difficulties before the youthful couple. It will be fascinating to see the interests and how two individuals who are infatuated defeated them. The story is composed by the prestigious creator Syed Wasi Shah. The delightful Mikaal Zulfiqar is the star in this show.


Love brings a great deal of bliss, yet it doesn’t really make the lives of individuals simple. This is the thing that this Pakistani drama is centered around. It recounts the tale of a little youngster and a young lady who are ideal for one another in each regard. Notwithstanding, they are compelled to prepare wedded before they are for this. This stances numerous difficulties before their relationship. They need to figure out how to coexist with their families and to coordinate into the new climate.

Things won’t be simple, however will adore win all things considered? This is the thing that you will see whether you watch Khata. The show is incredible in each regard and will unquestionably keep you stuck to your seat.


This is a really passionate drama recounting the narrative of a little youngster, Iffet, who fantasies about wedding the affection for her life – Cemil. While Iffet is trusting that Cemil will propose to her, his principle objective is to share her bed. He assaults her and afterward attempts to compensate for what he did by proposing to her, however things don’t go as arranged. Iffet feels hurt and sold out and delivers on retribution.

This is an extraordinary show with youthful and well known entertainers. It is intriguing to follow and there is an exercise to gain from it as well.